Tree Trimming Services Chandler Arizona


Our Reputation is second to none. We take pride in satisfying our customers for over 10 years and that is why we have 5 star reviews on google/yelp, Members of Ahwatukee chamber of commerce and A+ on BBB. We are insured, have the best equipment and experienced crew to get the job done safely. Our crew has decades of Experience under our belt as well as continue to take arborist classes and safety training from leaders in the industry.

  • We have flexible availability including Saturdays and evenings for estimates and service.
  • Great communication over phone, text and email as we are very responsive, friendly and give estimates in a fast timely manner.
  • We provide service with honesty, reliability, and respect.
  • Our prices are fair
  • we offer quality workmanship and attention to detail,
  • we show up on time
  • Our crew always has someone that speaks English and communicate with you about expectations, process and give you progress updates.

American Tree & Landscape, located in Chandler Arizona is owned by Moe Meghoufi who is an expert Arborist in Chandler. The business has been family owned for the past 11 years. Most of the jobs we receive are homeowners wanting to take down a tree in their yard that is either over grown or causing an issue. We can remove any size tree, which we call our Tree Removal Services in Chandler. As well as Stump grinding services in Ahwatukee and Chandler Arizona. Usually, we can get a stump down six inches underground. By removing the tree the root system this will cause it to stop growing and stop the problematic roots causing damage to structures and cement pads, sidewalks or driveways nearby.

Another reason why homeowners come to us to remove dead or unhealthy trees in Chandler. Arizona is known for having severe monsoon seasons. We help homeowners, businesses, HOA’s and property management companies reduce the risk by tree trimming services in Chandler, pruning and reducing weight/balancing the canopy of trees. Do not wait until a severe monsoon storm  damages your trees and likely falls or causes damage to your home. Trees that are not cared for can become safety hazards as well as can damage roofs, homes, walls, cars, and other structures. Give us a call and get a FREE estimate.


If your Living in Chandler, Ahwatukee, Tempe/Scottsdale  and Phoenix, you know how important it is to keep your trees well maintained. Along with maintaining your trees you need to hire a qualified company in the area, someone who understands the type of trees we have and the proper care and timing of trimmings. Sometimes finding a qualified company can be hard, especially if you do not know what to look for. Whoever you call, be sure to ask as many questions as you can. This will usually help you feel comfortable and make sure the professional company will stand behind their work.


We also encourage our customers to look at customer reviews as well as we ask each of our customers if they can give us a testimonial on the job we have done. Our goal is safety but also complete customer satisfaction. Without satisfied customers, we wouldn’t be in business today.


Many of the jobs we receive are people who have overgrown trees who want tree trimming work or ask us to completely remove their trees. Many trees that are not well maintained will be overgrown. It’s when these trees get overgrown that they pose safety hazards to homes and people. Having dead branches or even a dead tree on your property can be dangerous as these types of trees can easily fall during one of our many storms. In Chandler Arizona, we have a monsoon season where weakened trees can easily blow over.


American Tree & Landscape is quickly becoming one of the top choices for tree removal in the East Valley. We give out free bids which requires us to meet you at your property. You can also Send a text message with pictures of the tree to get a ball park price but most jobs we like to see the entire job site to give a guaranteed price. This will help us give you an accurate estimate on what it will cost to complete the entire tree removal and stump removal if you desire.


Tree Trimming Services Chandler Arizona
American Tree & Landscape - Tree Trimming Services Chandler Arizona