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Commercial Tree Service in the East Valley: American Tree and Landscape

Being a business owner, you may not have time to look into your commercial property’s lawn, tree, and landscape. But, when a potential customer is passing nearby or coming to visit your place, they notice everything.

Their first impression of your property/business can influence their choice to enter. That’s why keeping your commercial property surrounded by elegant and natural landscaping is essential.

At American Tree and Landscape, we understand that! That’s why we offer your business the best commercial tree services at an affordable price.

Our high-quality tree service includes all your needs, from tree care to tree removal.

If you are looking for commercial tree services in Phoenix, AZ, call us today and get a free estimate!

Commercial Tree Service in the East Valley

Phoenix has always been a very competitive market for businesses. Businesses must be prepared with perfection to serve their potential customers.

Is it possible to attract potential customers with a messy lawn with dying and overgrown trees? Would you like to visit a business where everything starts with a mess outside?

To make your business more attractive, taking care of your lawn and commercial location is essential.

The right company can help your business stand out in your area and attract people who will notice your location.

The first step in getting these advantages is to find the right professional tree services for your business.

Phoenix has always been a very competitive market for businesses. Businesses must be prepared with perfection to serve their potential customers.

Finding the best one for your commercial property can be tough with so many tree service providers. But it’s not impossible if you follow these steps before hiring a tree company :

  • Before hiring a company, check if they’re licensed and have all the required work permits to work in your area. Now, check if they’re insured or not. Proper insurance would help you to stay safe if something wrong occurred during work.
  • Go through their online presence, and check their reviews on platforms like google business, yelp, and so on. If possible, ask for a reference or contact a client of theirs; it’ll help you to figure out what you’ll experience with the company.
  • Contact the company and tell them about your plan and ask them to visit or send them pictures of your commercial property and ask for their advice as well. It’ll help you to understand how much they respect your idea and how creative they are.
  • Make sure they send you multiple estimates to choose the best service within your budget.

Taking these steps will ensure you’ll be able to hire the right commercial tree service provider for your business. Don’t rush the process, do proper research before hiring someone.

Types of Commercial Tree Services We Offer in the East Valley

American Tree and Landscape offers many kinds of tree-related services you may need for your commercial property. Serving the Valley for years, we have the experience and knowledge your business needs to stand out in your area.

If you are searching for a tree service provider in Phoenix, Arizona, we’re the best you can hire!

Here are the services we offer specifically to commercial properties:

Commercial Tree Care

Your business is your priority, so you shouldn’t need to worry about taking care of the lawn. Hiring someone new and unseasoned can cause your beautiful lawn and trees to lack professionalism and that wow factor.

That’s why we offer commercial tree care services covering everything like tree pruning, proper tree care, tree removal, and lawn care services. We provide tree planting services and maintenance.

We also offer landscape design, installation, and maintenance services for those that want to raise their business to the next level.

Once you hire us, our team of professionals will handle all the chaos and dirty work needed to make your property stand out while you focus on your business.

HOA Tree Services

You take pride in your house, and it requires a lot of hard work to make a beautiful home while living in a good neighborhood.

If you want to keep your neighborhood in excellent condition, keeping the trees and landscape in good shape is essential.

Otherwise, with time, the value of your house and area will be dropped, and it can be a safety hazard too.

Our HOA tree services include everything that needs to be done and you don’t need to worry about anything!

With us, it all starts with a visit to your area and identifying the things that need to be fixed immediately (like commercial tree trimming, tree removal, tree pruning, and all kinds of tree care service). Then we meet to discuss all the problems and services we can offer.

Based on that, we can negotiate and fix a suitable timing and method for payment.

Once you’ve hired us, you only need to enjoy the greenery around the neighborhood; keeping it on point is our responsibility.

Commercial Tree Trimming

Trees are our friends; they provide many good things in our lives. However, trees can be a safety hazard if they are not adequately taken care of!

Overgrown or dying trees around your property can be a significant safety issue. Branches can fall at anytime (especially during the storm, the damage is more likely to occur) and harm your property.

That’s why it’s essential to keep your tree well-trimmed. Our commercial tree trimming service offers inspection and trimming of overgrown and unhealthy branches or trees already harming your property.

The trimming will make your commercial trees healthy and attractive.

If you’ve got an overgrown tree on your commercial property (no matter how big or small the tree is), we can help you!

Commercial Tree Removal

Trees carry a lot of memories, and removing them doesn’t make sense to many people.

In our experience, we found older businesses don’t want to remove a tree because it’s a part of their journey.

But, the truth is, a dying tree or an already dead tree is not just an ugly sight but also a safety hazard for your property.

It can fall on your property anytime and harm your driveways, roof, walkway, and even worse your customers!

Plus, it just takes the charm of your business away!

At American Tree and Landscape, we can remove all kinds of trees (no matter how big they are). We also provide unique jobs like cactus removal services. As we all know, Arizona is home to many cacti (like the saguaro cactus). These cacti grow anywhere possible (including your front yard).

Our professionally trained team can help you eliminate the cacti on your property in no time.

We are also insured with a 2 million dollar insurance to keep you safe; plus, our team has removed many trees under challenging situations, so we are the best you can hire for tree removal.

If you’ve got a dying or already dead tree on your property, consider getting it removed before anything wrong occurs.

Stump Grinding

After removing a tree, one thing left behind is a stump. On the surface, stumps are an eyesore, but inside there are a lot of roots continuously growing even after cutting the tree. These roots can cause more serious problems.

This stump can soon destroy your driveway and yard and has already started stealing nutrients from other plants and attracting harmful insects on your property (without your permission)!

You will begin losing a good amount of area where you could’ve created something interesting (like a landscaping project)!

For stump removal, there are many methods available. Among all stump removal services, stump grinding is the most effective method.

Our stump grinding service includes removing the stump with our industrial-grade stump grinder, and we cut all the roots so they can’t grow anymore, digging up to six inches underground.

Contact us today if you want to eliminate a stump on your commercial property!

Palm and Citrus Trees

Palm and citrus trees are big, excellent for security and privacy, and cover the property with cool shadows.

This is why these trees have higher demand from many commercial property owners. However, these commercial trees require maintenance that only comes from knowledge and experience.

We offer high-quality complete tree services for large trees like palm and citrus trees.

Our service includes everything from tree planting, pruning, proper tree care, maintenance, trimming, and removal at a reasonable price.

Why American Tree and Landscape?

We serve the East Valley’s multiple locations (like Phoenix, AZ). After completing hundreds of projects with 100% customer satisfaction, we are now the best tree service provider in the Valley.

That’s how we claim we are one of the best you can hire. So, if you are hesitant about whether you should hire us or not, here is everything you should know about us.

Family Business

American Tree and Landscape is a family-owned business. Our priority is our commitment, and that’s why we’ve become the East Valley’s favorite!

We are best known for offering an affordable price range and providing quality service and advice to keep their property looking beautiful.

Our clients aren’t just clients for us; they are a part of our family! That’s why we care for them, and whenever they have an emergency, we show up faster without any appointment or delay!

Hey! Would you like to be a part of our family? Call us Today!

Well-Known In The East Valley For Tree Services

Serving the East Valley for years, our firm has been established by an arborist (a tree surgeon) who knows what plants grow and thrive here and make your property appealing.

For example, we won’t recommend you get your landscaping project made with azaleas, hydrangeas, or tropical fruit trees because we know they won’t grow well here in the atmosphere of Phoenix, AZ.

You just need to trust us! Our responsibility is to beautify your commercial properties with nature in Phoenix, Arizona.

With an A+ rate by BBB (Better Business Bureau) and over 4.8-star rating on Google Business, we are one of the best and most reputed tree service providers in Phoenix, AZ.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers who come back whenever they require tree services (from land clearing to landscaping). They recommend us to everyone who needs tree-related services.

Professional Team

We take pride in our team! All our team members are professionally trained and supervised personnel.

With years of experience, they’ve completed many projects perfectly and assured top-notch work.

Our team will win your heart with quality work, whether it’s extensive tree trimming, giant commercial tree removal, or even small chores. And they won’t leave your property until you are 100% satisfied with the service.


We are well-known in the East Valley for providing services within an affordable price range. Our pricing for commercial tree services is much more reasonable than other companies in Phoenix, AZ.

So, call us today, get an estimate for free and decide for yourself!

Provide Emergency Services

One of the reasons behind our popularity is fast service! Some of our customers compliment us by saying we’re like fire service.

Overgrown, dying, or already dead trees can cause many problems (especially in monsoon season). Branches can break down, or the entire tree may fall off, and for your business, it can be embarrassing and, even worse, no business for a day!

We understand it! That’s why our commercial tree services include emergency services.

You can call us once in an emergency, and professionally trained and supervised personnel will take care of the rest.

How To Get Started With A Commercial Tree Services Provider

Once you’ve determined the company you want to hire, it’s time to follow a few more steps to get your work done!

Contact that commercial tree service provider. It can be done over a call, by email, by filling out their appointment form, or by simply visiting their office.

Describe your need (it can be tree planting, pruning, tree trimming, or multiple jobs) and if you are confused, send them pictures of your property.

Get an estimate and do some negotiation if possible, and once you agree with the pricing for the commercial tree services, set the work time and get the project done!

That’s how simple it is!

We have your back if you are looking for commercial tree services within your budget! We offer the most reasonable pricing in Phoenix, AZ, and we don’t compromise the quality.

With high-quality equipment and well-trained professionals, we’re always waiting to serve you with a big smile.

We promise after the tree services are complete, you’ll be 100% satisfied. It is because there is no way our team will leave until making sure you are happy with the results!

Ready for Commercial Tree Service Help?

American Tree and Landscape is the best commercial tree service provider in Phoenix, AZ. We offer complete tree services at an affordable price without compromising the quality.

We are the best you can hire for tree care service, tree trimming, tree removal, landscape, and so on.

Our tree care and lawn management services are top-notch, and you’ll see your front yard transform into something amazing!

Are you ready to take your commercial property to the next level?

If the answer is yes, call us today and get an estimate for free!