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Tree Service In Phoenix & The East Valley: American Tree and Landscape 

Keeping your trees on point can be challenging, but not anymore! With American Tree and Landscape, you can get all types of tree services without breaking the bank!

With years of experience serving the Valley and expert knowledge, we offer the best tree service in the East Valley. We’re one of the best you can hire (you won’t regret this decision, we promise)!

So, if you are chasing after high-quality tree services within your budget, call us today!

Tree Services In Phoenix And The East Valley

There are many professional tree service providers available in the East Valley. Many will offer you service at a competitive price.

But when it comes to dangerous tree services like an emergency tree or stump removal, you should only trust a licensed and insured company.

So, before hiring any company that provides professional tree services, consider all these factors:

Make sure the company is licensed and has all the work permits required for the job. Ensure they have enough experience in your region.

The company should be fully insured to compensate for anything wrong while working on your property.

Go through the company’s reputation online. Make sure it’s BBB accredited and has good reviews on platforms like yelp, google business, and other social media accounts. If possible, contact one of their clients.

Get multiple estimates and check if they’re offering you a fair price or not!

Considering these before hiring a company, you’ll easily find your property’s right tree service provider.

Types of Tree Services We Offer in the East Valley

We’re the one you can trust regarding professional tree services in the East Valley. With years of experience and knowledge, we have hundreds of satisfied clients in the Phoenix area and surrounding locations.

We offer various tree services in Phoenix and other East Valley locations for residential and commercial properties.

Here are the three services we offer.

Residential Tree Services

Our residential tree service includes all kinds of services required to keep your trees healthy and your yard clean.

We offer tree care services like tree trimming, pruning, tree cleanup, stump grinding, and canopy rising. We also provide services for tree removal, deadwood, and sucker growth.

Our storm preparation services help to protect your trees from storm damage. Our crane and bucket truck services are one of the most affordable in Phoenix, AZ.

If you only want occasional yard maintenance, we’re still available with our yard blowing and cleanup, weed removal, and spraying service within a reasonable price range.

Commercial & HOA Tree Services

Our commercial and HOA tree services are one of the best and most affordable!

We offer commercial tree maintenance (like palm tree maintenance), tree care services, tree removal services, tree trimming, tree pruning services, and so on.

Our proper tree care service keeps the tree in perfect shape and healthy. Our team always does an incredible job in commercial tree care.

You can always hire us within an affordable price range for tree removal, tree stump grinding, dead wood (dead limbs) removal, and so on.

We also offer commercial properties front-yard and back-yard cleanup and lawn care services.

Tree Trimming

For healthy trees, tree trimming is the best option for keeping your tree in good shape. Keeping your tree well-trimmed can save your property from blown-over, broken, and dead branches during storm season.

That’s why we provide tree trimming services in multiple locations of the East Valley (including Phoenix, AZ)—our clients who regularly get their trees trimmed rarely face storm damage.

If you have an overgrown tree in your yard, get it trimmed today!

Tree Removal

A dead or sick tree can be a safety hazard for your property. It can be blown over anytime and damage your house, walkaway, driveaway, parking area, or roof (depending on tree position).

That’s why it becomes essential to get the tree removed! Our team of experts can remove trees without causing any damage to your property.

Our team is highly experienced with large tree removal (like a large pine tree). We’re insured with a 2 million dollar insurance to keep our clients more secure.

Dead trees are like ticking time bombs; let our experts defuse it before it explodes!

 Stump Grinding

After tree removal, there is always something left behind, tree stumps! A tree stump is a big eyesore, whether a residential or commercial property.

Is it just an eyesore?

No! A tree stump can cause problems like spreading diseases, attracting insects, stealing other plants’ nutrients, and damaging your property by growing roots underneath.

Besides, it’s killing a beautiful space in your yard, causing safety hazards for the children, decreasing curb appeal, and decreasing the value of your property.

The only permanent solution for getting rid of this pest is stump grinding!

Our high-quality and industrial-grade stump grinding machine grinds down up to six inches underground and damages all the root systems, so it doesn’t grow anymore. You can use that space for more plants, wood chips, or a beautiful landscape..

Palm and Citrus Trees

Palm trees and citrus trees are great for making your property more secure and and appealing. They do a fantastic job when it comes to increasing privacy.

That’s why these trees have massive demand from both residential and commercial clients. But, nurturing and maintaining these large trees can be tricky and impossible for people with zero experience.

We offer all kinds of services regarding palm and citrus trees, like tree care, maintenance, trimming, and dead or sick palm tree removal, within an affordable price range.

Why American Tree and Landscape? 

Suppose you are contemplating whether you should hire us or not! Congratulations! You are going in the right direction.

Before hiring a tree service provider, it is important to be hesitant and consider all your options.

Here’s everything you should know about us to clear up your hesitation!

Family-Owned Business

Established by a tree surgeon, aka arborist, Moe Meghoufi, this family business has served hundreds of clients of the East Valley for over ten years.

We take our commitment seriously and offer the most affordable prices in the Phoenix area. Our reputation matters the most to us. That’s why we assure top-notch tree service!

Our clients are not just our clients; they’re family! We’re always there for them in emergencies and provide emergency services (like tree removal after storm damage) faster than any other company.

We’re Top Rated & Well-known in the East Valley for Tree Services

After working with hundreds of clients assuring 100% satisfaction, we’re well-known for our tree removal services in East Valley (especially in Phoenix, AZ).

We’re mostly known for our emergency tree removal services in complex situations.

Great Reputation!

With a 4.8 rating on google business and an A+ grade on BBB, we’re one of the most reputed companies in Phoenix, AZ, to hire.

You can check on google business and yelp to find out how satisfied our clients are with our services.

Professional Team

We have a team of professionals and experts. All the employees are well-trained and experienced and have completed many challenging projects.

Our team does a fantastic job and doesn’t leave the client’s home until they’re satisfied with the work!


At American Tree and Landscape, we don’t charge you extra for anything! We’re well-known for offering competitive and affordable pricing compared to other companies in the East Valley.

Hard to believe? Call us and get a free estimate!

Provide Emergency Services

We provide emergency services in any situation! So, if you have any emergency regarding trees, we will visit your property as fast as possible and start fixing it!

That’s why we’re so popular and reliable for many property owners in the East Valley.

How to get started with the right tree service provider for your property

Once you’ve figured out which company you want to hire, here are a few things you should do.

  • Contact them and describe the situation
  • Ask for free estimates
  • If you agree with the pricing, let them visit your property or send pictures/videos
  • Fix the working date and learn how they’ll work on it.

At American Tree and Landscape, we assure the best service within an affordable price range.

Our team members are always on time and leave your property only when you’re satisfied; even if you are not in the location, our team will send you pictures and videos to ensure your satisfaction.

If you are looking for tree services, call us and get a free estimate today!

We’re Ready to Help with Your Tree Service Needs!

American Tree and Landscape is one of Phoenix & and East Valley’s most trusted tree service providers. With years of experience and knowledge, we assure quality work within an affordable price range.

We’re always ready to make your property more appealing!

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today and get a free estimate!

3 Easy Steps To get Started –
  1. Give us a call to schedule a Arborist to come to your home or business for a free quote.
  2. We perform a thorough walk around inspection of the property and your trees, make an assessment, and provide you with a written Estimate.
  3.  When you are satisfied with our Estimate, sign your proposal and we will schedule your tree job around your schedule(Saturday Appointments Available!!)
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