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Landscaping Services In Phoenix: Decorate Your Property With Nature

There are many companies available for landscaping services in Phoenix, AZ. However, very few can provide you with the highest quality service!

Landscaping is a significant investment, one that should not be made to a company that won’t be able to deliver excellent results!

At American Tree and Landscape, we assure you of the best service without breaking the bank. We have the remarkable knowledge about the weather and plants that flourish here in Phoenix. 

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The Best Landscaping Phoenix, Arizona

High-quality Phoenix landscaping should be a landscape creation and maintenance service that’ll make your property more attractive and valuable. 

We all have seen landscaping projects. 

Those well-designed and maintained trees, grasses, and shrubs are landscaping. Landscaping is an art where nature is the color, and a landscaper is an artist. 

Many residential and commercial properties are getting landscaping services because of the advantages it adds to the property.

Is Landscaping Worth Your Attention?      

People previously thought landscaping was a luxury that only the rich could afford. A beautiful lawn, and front and back yard are only for millionaires and billionaires. 

But it’s not the truth! 

A properly maintained yard with a professional landscaper can increase your property value (at least 15%). Those days are gone when landscaping only used to be for the wealthy. 

Now, anyone can have a beautiful landscape and yard on their property. An ideal landscaping business will always be there to make your dream come true within your budget. 

Landscaping is no longer a luxury. It’s an investment that can assure great returns in selling prices. 

Or, if you want to rent your property, you can easily get 15-50% more than other properties without landscaping. 

On top of that, you’ll be a proud owner of beautiful property and save the environment by surrounding your property/yard with nature. 

If you want to learn more about landscaping on your property, contact us today! 

How Can Landscaping Companies Help You Decorate Your Property?

A landscaping company can help you in many ways. Depending on the space and area, they can create a unique landscape design for your property or yard, or if you already have something planned, they can help those ideas come to life. 

You see, landscaping can be a lengthy process. It starts with discussing your vision, giving your dreams a shape through landscape design, and then creating and installing the landscape. 

The company will take care of everything from cleaning debris to weeding to tree services before installing the landscaping in your yard.

Is That Where A Landscaping Service Provider Stops?


That isn’t where the service ends! Skilled landscapers will always care about your property and provide lawn care services, yard maintenance(like yard clean-ups), and landscape maintenance regularly at a low cost. There are some companies that even offer irrigation repair and maintenance. 

An expert landscaper will always do everything to keep their creation as beautiful as it should be. 

Just like after-sales service! 

At American Tree and Landscape, we understand what your property and the landscape mean to you, and we respect that! 

That’s why we are always on time and do everything needed to create and keep the landscape on point without breaking the bank!

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Landscaping Company

The truth is that many landscaping services are available in Phoenix, AZ. Everyone claims they’re the best (until you hire them and see the complete opposite of your expectation). 

That’s why hiring a company that keeps its word and cares about customer satisfaction is essential. 

Landscaping is a significant investment; you wouldn’t want to invest in something that is low-quality. 

That’s why looking for a professional service provider who can deliver excellent work is essential. One that goes above and beyond in providing the initial installation and even offers landscape maintenance. 

Here are a few characteristics you should look for before hiring a landscaping company in Phoenix. 

  • Years of experience.
  • Have proper knowledge about Phoenix’s weather and the plants that thrive here.  
  • Completed multiple projects and have satisfied customers. 
  • Have positive customer reviews and recommendations. 
  • Have a team of professional and hard workers. 
  • They provide all kinds of landscaping services and landscaping maintenance.
  • Offers unique design services (not downloaded from Pinterest or Instagram). 
  • Friendly and cares about your vision for landscaping. 
  • Offers lawn care and maintenance services.
  • Respectful and follows your ideas. 
  • Offers better prices and keeps their commitment. 

These are the things that a high-quality service provider offers.

At American Tree and Landscape, we respect your ideas and try our best to implement them. We don’t promise anything unrealistic. 

We listen to our customers, visit their property if needed, and offer our free estimate. 

So, contact us today!

Why American Tree And Landscape? 

Licensed since 2009 in Phoenix, we’re one of the best landscaping and lawn care providers in the East Valley. 

More than 38 years of experience make us one of the oldest but most knowledgeable service providers in this area. 

We’re A+ graded on BBB and have a 4.8 rating on google, which proves how many happy customers we have. 

We have a team of professionals who show up on time and work hard to make your vision and dreams come to life! They don’t leave the job site without ensuring you are satisfied.    

We can build any landscape according to your needs, whether a large artificial turf or installing and maintaining a sprinkler system. Our expert team can turn your property into a beautiful view. 

Our service includes landscape design and maintenance, tree trimming and removal, and irrigation (sprinkler) installation and maintenance for your properties.

Our tree trimming service includes removing trees from the root in any problematic situation. 

American Tree and Landscape is known for stump grinding and installing palm and citrus trees in Ahwatukee and Chandler, Arizona. 

In addition, our sister company Valley Firewood LLC offers firewood services in multiple locations in Arizona (including Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, and many West Valley locations). 

Valley Firewood sells top-notch firewood (dried and split), ready to burn! We also offer custom wood logs, sawing, wood turning, splitting, and kindling services in Mesa. 

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Final Words  

At American Tree and Landscape, we understand what your yard means to you! And we respect your feelings.

We go all the way to give your house and business location a look you always wanted. 

We use professional and high-quality equipment, and our experienced crew always shows up and completes the job on time.

With so many years of experience and knowledge about Arizona’s weather, we proudly say we are the best you can hire to decorate and enhance your property. 

So, What Are You Waiting For? 

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