Tree Removal Services 480-495-3518

Once we have removed your tree and you are happy with our work, we ask that you sign our form that gives your approval of the job. Let us know if you have any special request. Sometimes our customers ask that we leave some of the chipped up branches/mulch with them. Most of the time we will haul away all of the debris including the logs.

At American Tree & Landscape we know what it takes to complete the job. You can always call us with any questions (480) 495-3518 and to find out why we are quickly becoming one of the top tree removal companies in Chandler AZ.

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What Is Our Tree Removal Process?

It all starts with you giving us a call and telling us what exactly you want done. We will then set a time to meet you at your property. In some cases we can look you up on Google Maps and see what trees you are wanting trimmed or removed. As well, sometimes we can take texted pictures to give you a free estimate. Most times we like to see the actual job site because we need to know what type of equipment we will need. If the tree is near power lines, homes, fences and if its difficult to access; this is all information we need to know.

Once you have agreed on the price of the job, we will set a time and date to start the project. We normally like to come early in the morning and get setup. This will allow us to complete the entire tree removal process before the end of the day. Some trees only take a few hours but if you also want your stump removed this adds more time.

We guarantee that the job will be completed safely and done right.

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What You Get From Us?

What You Get From American tree & Landscape?

  1. Our customers get a free estimate so they know what the job will cost before we begin working.
  2. We do free estimates on site, which means we will work out a day and time to meet you at your property. Sometimes we can take pictures via text message and give free quotes that way. Please call us and ask about this service.
  3. We promise to complete the job from start to finish. Your signature approval which states you are satisfied with our completed work is all that is needed to finalize the job.
  4. We will leave your property clean of debris from the removed tree or trimmed tree.

We understand that all trees are different sizes, shapes and are located in different areas. Because of these unique situations we like to see the actual job site before we begin working. We will do our best to make you feel comfortable with the process and will answer any questions you have. Our customers will come first and this is what helps us at becoming one of the top Chandler tree removal businesses in the area.

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