Why You Should Choose Us?

Why You Should Choose American Tree & Landscape?

  1. We are family owned and operated.
  2. We have been in business for over 5 years, but we have many more years of experience.
  3. We also sell firewood 🙂
  4. We are insured and licensed to work in Arizona.

At American Tree & Landscape, our customers look to our experience and knowledge. You should always hire a company in Arizona that is insured in the state. This will make sure your property is protected from possible accidents caused by removing trees on your property. Safety is our top priority, the safety of our employees and the safety of you; our customer.

While we focus on safety, we also make sure we are using the best equipment for the job. By having the best equipment, it helps us keep to our high standards of safety. There are no trees to tall or out of reach for us. Our equipment allows us to reach any type of tree. If you have a difficult job, give us a call because this is what we do for a living!